Brand story

dhim New Beginning

Since 1985 establishment, for 30 years, dhim have been developed as
a leading corporation in steel processing manufacturing and arrangement field.
For the future 30 years, dhim reborn as steel processing manufacturing specialized brand.

World best industrial Machinery Company
Core Value
Technological innovation, customer satisfaction, global corporation, the best quality
Management Philosophy
A challenging position, basic principle, pursuit of perfect quality, cooperation and communication

VISION - dhim New Beginning

“dhim New beginning”means New Future 30 years
New Future 30 years means that
by our constant efforts on opening up a new market to achieve the development of the
nation’s economy
and back to the basics and start work with a renewed mind.

BASIC - Let’s make the best product

dhim represents technological expertise, strength in
innovation, clear customer focus and a workforce that is
committed to conducting business in an ethical and
responsible manner.

PHILOSOPHY - It is a strategy to go the right way.

Dating back to 1985 when dhim founded ,
“Good environment leads to good quality products
“ belief has been our tradition.
Today, this belief remains the basis for the excellent reputation
we have earned and strategy for future.

GREETING - Global company with universal steel industry!

Sincere thank you to our customers Giving attention and encouragement to send a constant in our daewha group.

DAEHWA INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY Co., Ltd. has grown and developed into a leader in the steel processing
equipment manufacturing sector through continued technology innovation since its foundation in 1985.
Our main production items are cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel sheet Shear Line (Cut to Length Line), Slitter Line,
Blanking Line, Forming Line, Continuous Processing Line such as domestic and international steel company in the
equipment supply it has, steel processing machinery industry in the continued active management and market
development for over 30 years domestic and abroad market and gain a competitive edge
by becoming a global company in the global steel industry.

Through Continuous research and development and perfect quality management and
intensive technical service and park-like plant, gallery-like offices, clubhouse-like conference rooms
comfortable working environment, "dhim" a cross of a global brand will offer the best quality and service growth
and simultaneously, We will do our best always vigorously with all employees to become a company that leap.
Meanwhile, despite the rapidly changing economic conditions and only thanks to the customers
who entrust us to believe one of the technology,
Hope and pray you always full of luck in your business management customers.

Thank you.

The CEO of DAEHWA Co., Ltd김원연