Cold Roll Forming Line

dhim Cold Roll Forming Line은 다양한 형태의 모양으로 철판의 형상을 변형시키는 설비입니다.
Various Deck Plate/ Side Panel for Container/ Side Bottom Rail For Container/ C-Lip Channel/
Guard Rail For High Way/ Roof &S Side panel/ Power Floor/ Automative parts를 제작하는데에 사용합니다.

dhim Cold Roll Forming Line Advantages
- Cassette and Noncassette types
- Precision bearing shaft alignment and stands alignment
- Tapered roller bearings
- Strongest outboard
- Fine pitch gears
- Long life worm & worm gears
- Solid machined steel bed
- High power 4 post cut-off press
- Many & various experienced of forming section