Cut to Length Line

dhim Cut to Length Line For cutting narrow coils from main coils.

CR : 0.2 ~ 4.5mmT x Max 2,200mmW x 30ton x Max 100mpm
HR : 1.2 ~ 6.4mmT/ 1.2~ 12.7[25.0]mmW x 40ton x Max 80mpm

Totally computer-controlled with diagnosis, automated coil Feeder system and Quality control

For carbon steel, exposed and non-exposed material, stainless steel, Pre-painted steel, aluminum and other materials

dhim Cut To Length Line Advantages
- Cassette and Noncassette types
- Precision bearing shaft alignment and stands alignment
- A precision machine tool for correcting leveling of flat rolled strip or sheets
- 6-high leveling Very good evenness of sheets by using 6-high leveling machines
- Operation Available Even for One person both control
- High Productivity