Slitting Line

dhim Slitting Line For cutting narrow coils from main coils.

0.15 ~ 3.2mmt x 1830mmw x 30ton x 300mpm
1.2 ~ 16mmt x 2400mmw x 40ton x 150mpm

Totally computer-controlled with diagnosis, automated coil Feeder system and Quality control

For carbon steel, exposed and non-exposed material, stainless steel, Pre-painted steel, aluminum and other materials

dhim Slitter Line Advantages
- Automatic Unwind Back Tension Control
- Various trip tension system: Roll tension units, Belt Bridle and Tension Pad unit
- Auto knife Changer
- Slitter Head with shim less tooling
- Easy Exchangeable Separator system
- Hinged End type Separator
- Combined Tension Unit(Belt Bridle with tension pad)